We take your project from a good idea to a fantastic product

Coding choreographers and project pioneers

With our unique combination of experienced danish project managers and project assessment managers together with our highly talented and experienced Indonesian developers, we can not only deliver you fantastic solutions to you and your company but also do it in a scalable and highly cost efficient way. 

So if you are on the lookout for an experienced and highly skilled partner to develop your new app, website, integration, system etc. then we are surden that we can provide you with a solution that meets the wildest dreams of your CEO and contradicts your CFO wildest worries.

Your project will be led by danish project manager as well as our danish managing partner in both Copenhagen and in Bali, Indonesia.

They will together lead our talented developers in Bali, who are all handpicked and carefully selected from the leading Indonesian universities and further nurtured and developed at our talentcenter.  


Project management or direct communication

The local Project manager can handle all communication between you as a customer and our team of dedicated coders, but if you want to, you are most welcome to communicate directly with your coding team.

Vi leverer værdi til vores kunder igennem:

  • Deliver on-site senior project managers
  • Scalable solutions through our Indonesian team of coders
  • Code review by local senior managers

Why use CodersHive for your project


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    We have a team of experts og therefore work on many different platforms.


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    Do settle for a 1+, but get a whole team of specialists. Backend, Frontend and project managers.


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    Expand your team of developers according to need and according to your deliverables.

+2 Worlds

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    With Indonesian Coders and Danish senior project managers - We deliver you the best of both worlds.

Project model

We take care of every phase

Any project is off course different and unique in its form.
But in general they all more or less go through the same phases on their way from idea to the finished project.
In every of these phases we will contribute with advice, ideas and expertise from the dedicated team member who matches the actual phase.

We can deliver you highly qualified project managers and Project Assessment managers or you can lead the project yourself in cooperation with our professional and talented developers.

No matter which model you choose your project will be under thorough supervision of our managers and our Danish Managing Partners both in Denmark and in Indonesia.

So let us be your software developing partners today!


Contact us today and let us contribute with advice and ressources to your ideas and visions