Get an easier, more smooth and time/cost effective solution.

Why spend all the energy on things that remove the focus from your core business?

With our many fantastic solutions built to manage everything from workflows, webshops, accounting and automated billing – we can not only provide you with great savings of both time and money but also create greater work related happiness.

The solutions are greatly varied and we offer everything from existing products to the development of your own solutions. Everything fully integratable with your daily work and all of it projected, sold, delivered, implemented and supported in a highly transparent way so that everyone is onboard in your new ways of working efficiently, lean and easy.

Our managing partner in the dansih branch of CodersHive is our equivalent of the Chuck Norris of digitalisation and he has already provided and implemented digital solutions to some of the world’s leading companies within their field.

Some have like his work others have gone through the roof with joy.

So please feel free to book a non-binding meeting and let him guide you in a very understandable and simple way to new fantastic and time efficient ways of working.


+ Save Money

+ KnowHow

+ Sparring

+ Efficiency

Time is money!! To digitise is to work smarter, but also about the economical benefits. Our many offers all deliver a fantastic cost benefit.

Our managing partner has developed and delivered a with varieties of solutions to world leading companies and he is our go-to guy to optimise your workflows.

We deliver you not only the final solution but acts a a ping pong sparring partner to your ideas and needs. That gives you a new perspective to your ideas and wishes.

Tired of wasting time and energy in the old ways of working? Many of our clients return saying that they have saved up to 70% of their time spend on administration.

Let us be the neutral partner in your development of new workflows and way to thinking workloads.

Our customers have all told us that not only did they see a significant higher motivation but also a rise in productivity.

Efficiency that has given them a fantastic Return on investment (ROI) and therefore saw their investment in our work deliver from day one.

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