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CodersHive is proud of our customer case with Femklik.
We were contacted in the spring of 2021 when our client wanted to start a creative Web Agency from scratch.
CodersHive’s unique concept was if it was created for this task and we could actively participate in the dialogue from concept development to the final result.
Together with the talented people behind it, we have created a simple, easy and transparent way to order and have a website solution prepared, all in a high quality and with the customer service in focus.

Our management and project managers were part of the ideation process and then the creativity of CodersHive’s skilled UI / UX team took over. Later on in the process our amazing developers have executed the design and ideas to the fullest.

Last but not least, our customer faced challenges in having to start the site up and find qualified manpower that could simultaneously deliver within the framework of the project.
CodersHive now also provides the Femklik staffing and we therefore have a full circle collaboration with our customer, where we are responsible for all daily operations, all while our customer has achieved the dream of an agency with smart solutions, technological know-how and experts in every part of the process.

From idea to concept, from design to daily operation.




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David Bjerring
President Director & Managing Partner