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We never lower the bar - just sometime the prices.
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Limited offer - Get your special price on hourly based development.

Only 350,- DKK

Get your part of this fantastic opening offer.

But as many hours as you want - of our fantastic priced professional developers. You can always use them for anything from website updates, software reviews, coding or as help to your project.

You decides and it doesn´t have to be in the same category of employees. You can therefore use graphic designers, Front End and Back End developers or maybe cover a totally different need.
So basically we are selling our whole organisation on an hourly basis for you to use as you see fit. Cool right?
As always our solution comes with Danish management, equipment, good working conditions, bonuses and everything you can expect from a good outsourcing partner.

Så order below or send us a message if you are holding back on a question.

and remember - no upper level for how many you can buy, but a lower level of minimum 20 hours.

Let get started !!

Terms and conditions

Booking period:

Order before 1/6 -´21
Efter denne dato – normalpris!


Buy minimum 20 hours
No upper level for amount bought


The hours can be used after 1/4-21 and before 1/11-21

Get your own fulltime employee at a fantastic price !

Get a month completely free !

Rent-a-colleague just got even cheaper with our opening offer.
Get your own dedicated developer free for a whole month!
Yup you read it correct. A full month.

Make a deal for 3 month of development then we give you the second month for free.
No catch - just a crazy discount !

Booking period:

Order before 1/6 -´21
Efter denne dato – normalpris!

Get 3 month - pay for 2:

We offer the second month for free


The offer can be used after 1/11-21 and will be subject to availability.


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