Why Outsource?

Why choose to get an experienced and high educated outsourced team member?

For us outsourcing is about the balance between economy and proximity.

There can be many financial benefits with outsourcing, and for us that incl. the possibility to scale, to deliver and a strong competitive economy. 

To be able to compare the prices between hiring staff or making an outsourced agreement, it is important not only to look at the salary.
Things like recruiting, equipment, healthcare, sick leaves, education and possible productivity challenges in slow times should be considered.
These extra costs of course varies from country to country, but in Denmark for example it is considered that a new staff member actually cost 42% extra every month.
So salary plus additional 42%.

It is therefore sometimes easy to imagine the deep wrinkles in the forehead of the CFO when you try to pitch hiring an extra employee with a good salary, in the department. 

We can offer you outsourcing to below insourcing prices.

Carefully selected new staff members with matching qualifications to a cost that will make the eyes of the before mentioned CFO sparkle.

But we also know that there is a risk of a lack of proximity with your new colleague and that you can tend to get a feeling that there is a big distance between the company and the outsourced staff.
That's why we in CodersHive have created a unique setup where our ideas of a good economic solution and a transparent and present organisation gives our customers a natural, present and problem free workday.

We have handpicked talents from Indonesia's leading universities and put them in a scandinavian inspired environment with excellent working conditions under danish management in our talentcenter in Bali.
We develop and send them on courses and educations as well as providing the daily management, team and sparring.
That means that our customers not only get a pair of extra hands, but also good brains, inspired and interested people as well as the world famous Indonesian smiles.
All of this under danish on site management, danish organisation and danish sparring - the best of all worlds and cultures.

We are proud of our colleagues. Proud of creating the environment that makes us all better on a daily basis and we are especially proud to be able to deliver such good price efficient solutions to our fantastic customers. 

So let us be a part of your recruitment process and give us the opportunity to create a lean and agile staffing solution for your project, team and growth.

Actual cost:

Benefits from our outsourcing model


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    Cost effective and fast
    We deliver you the matching profile within days and save you time and money for recruitment and equipment
    All is incl. and taken care of in our attractive price.


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    Get the colleague that you need here and now.
    Our talents all have experience from different platforms and different coding skills.
    So change the colleague if your needs change during your project.


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    Get the resources that you need - When you need them.
    Vi deliver you an effective and scalable team on fantastic cost effective terms.
    Change as the project progress and get another team member in the process.

+DK managed

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    All our solutions are under danish management.
    Vi deliver Danish projectmanagers.
    CodersHives has Danish owners and are ledt by our managing partners - one in Copenhagen and one in Bali.

Involve us in your staffing project.

We are always happy to provide advice and expertise or an offer on a new team member.
A couple of outsourced hands are not only a really effective way of creating an agile team but in specific also a very cost effective solution.

No reason to - recruitment, new bonus setups, new equipment, furniture, benefits, pensions or worry about variating work loads and deadlines.

We have taken care of it all.
- Even motivation, a fantastic work environment, direct management and the markets best benefits.

Outsource a colleague on hourly, daily, monthly or even yearly contract.
If your needs change or if you wish another profile - you can always change and get a new colleague.