Rent a colleague

Get a competent and university educated "plug ´n play" colleague in just a few days.

Maybe you are in need of a couple of extra hands for a project or to reach a deadline.
Or you are in need of a flexible and agile organisation without all the administrative work that comes alongside having such an organisation.
Maybe what you are looking for is a colleague For a couple of weeks or maybe even for a couple of years.
No matter what you are looking for we can deliver a new colleague within days. We have already done all the administrative work, we already provide the direct management and have provided your colleague with an energetic and fully equipped workspace together with a buzzing cowork environment together with high end colleagues.

In the lack of more flattering words we could call this an agile workforce - plug and play - solution.
We have created a talent team with a broad variety of talent and experience levels.
Therefore we are not in doubt that we can provide you with a colleague that matches your need, within a very short notice and thereby give you a new fantastic handpicked university educated colleague on the paradise island of Bali. 

And remember once we are colleagues you are always welcome to visit our offices amongst the palm trees.

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Weekly prices from:


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One team - many technologies

We work on many different platforms

With a team filled with different talents we are proud to be able to deliver colleagues to almost any development platform and to every device.

If your need are not met we will immediately start a recruitment process in our talent database.

Benefits with Rent-a-Colleague

+Coding Skills

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    Get the colleague that you need here and now. Our talents all have experience from different platforms and coding skills.
    So change the colleague if your needs change during your project.


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    We have given our fantastic team the best scandinavian inspired work environment and thereby the best conditions to evolve, learn and work as a professional family.


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    Our talent centre is filled with developers and we can deliver a new colleague to your project with a short notice.
    For as long as you want and always at an attractive price.


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    All our talents has a university education.
    We have carefully selected them on their skills, personality, ambition and creativity.

Involve us in your staffing project.

We are always happy to provide advice and expertise or an offer on a new team member.
A couple of outsourced hands are not only a really effective way of creating an agile team but in specific also a very cost effective solution.
No reason to - recruitment, new bonus setups, new equipment, furniture, benefits, pensions or worry about variating work loads and deadlines.

We have taken care of it all.
- Even motivation, a fantastic work environment, direct management and the markets best benefits.

Rent a colleague on hourly, daily, monthly or even yearly contract.
If your needs change or if you wish another profile - you can always change and get a new colleague.
Contact us for an offer or a meeting.