Let us make sure everything is working and running smooth

Let our highly professional team monitor, update and support your solutions.

Whether we have developed your solution or we are offering to support someone else’s product, we are sure that we can provide you with the security that neither you or your customers will experience challenges or errors in the system.

Because maybe you have bought a bright new shiny car but you still have to make sure that it has oil and brake liquid as well as being maintained with smaller repairs.
That is how it is with everything running and with our 3 offices in 2 time zones we can provide you with that extra pitstop that makes sure everything is up and running 24 hours a day.

With a fixed price package from CodersHive we also give you the opportunity to incl. a fixed amount of developer hours for further development or bug fixes – all provided in a fixed monthly price for hosting, development, maintenance and support.

We promise – as always – an affordable and transparent solution.


+ Package

+ Expertise

+ Safety

+ Specialist

Get exactly what you need and save time and money. No need to waste sleep on monitoring your systems.

We dedicate the colleague that match your need to you account. The rest of our team helps him/her to constantly be on top of every problem you might encounter.

Always updated and safe! We make sure to always keep unwanted people out of your systems by always keeping them updated and safe.

We bring the cavalry - We always bring the necessary skills and crew to the problems in hand

Taylormade packages

With our packages we have designed different solutions to meet the varied needs of our many different customers.
So maybe you have the need for full monitoring of your extensive solutions or maybe you just want to be sure that your solution is updated and always runs perfectly.

We are sure that we can meet your wishes with an attractive support package.

Contact us for an offer or a meeting.

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Niels Bjerring
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