Meet the team !!

Let us introduce you to our professional family

The Copenhagen Family

The Balinese Family

The glorious Leaders

Who are we ??

Coders Hive consist of enthusiastic professionals based on our 3 different offices.
Each office dedicated to specific tasks and every one filled to the brim with enthusiastic skilled employees.

Our office in Copenhagen consists of our experienced danish Project assessment managers and project managers.

We also have two offices in Bali.
One is dedicated to our fantastic administration and the other offices is our Indonesian talent center, filled to the brink with specially selected talents from the leading universities of Indonesia and the fast growing and blooming Indonesian IT scene.

We are not very fond of organisation charts and fancy titles, but instead working from the ideas of freedom and responsibility, happiness as a quality driver and personal development.
All achieved through our big professional family.

We therefore stand together, work together and develop together.
No matter where we are or who we are.

That gives our customers a guarantee of professionalism, curiosity and competence and an organisation where they freely can communicate with everyone from our managing partners to our beloved cleaners.

Each one of us unique in our role and each of us with a unique story.

talent centre Bali

Software Developers

Project Managers

Code Reviewers

One team
Two Countries
Many Talents

Managing Partners

Administrative Wunderkinds

Project Assessment Managers

Always on the lookout for talents !!

Do you have any questions ?

Are you a talented Project Manager or a Project assessment manager or do you want a future carrier in Bali - Please do not hesitate to Join the Buzz